Greetings 問候語

1. Hello. 你好!
2. Good morning. 早上好。
3. I am Kate Green. 我是凱特•格林。
4. Are you Tom Brown? 你是湯姆•布朗嗎?
5. Yes, I am. 是的,我是。
6. How do you do? 你好!How do you do? 你好!
7. How are you? 你好嗎?Fine, thanks. 很好,謝謝。
8. How is your mother? 你媽媽好嗎?
9. She is very well, thank you. 她很好,謝謝你。
10. Good afternoon. 午安。
11. Good evening. 晚上好。
12. Good night. 晚安。
13. Good-bye. 再見。
14. See you in the evening. 晚上見。
15. So long. 再見。
Classroom expressions 課堂用語
16. Stand up, please. 請站起來。
17. Sit down, please. 請坐下。
18. I am sorry. I am late. May I come in? 對不起,我遲到了,我可以進來嗎?
19. Come in, please. 請進。
20. Open your books, please. 請打開書本。
21. Close your books, please. 請把書合上。
22. Do you understand? 你明白了嗎?
23. Yes, I see. 是的,我明白了。
24. No, I don't quite understand. 不,我不大明白。
25. Listen to me and then repeat. 聽我讀,然後重複一遍。
26. Look at the blackboard, please. 請看黑板。
27. Read after me, please. 請跟我讀。
28. This is Lesson Two. 這是第二課。
29. It's time to begin. 是開始的時候了。
30. Class is over. 下課。
Identifying objects 辨別物品
31. What's this? 這是什麼?
32. This is a pencil. 這是一支鉛筆。
33. Is this your book? 這是你的書嗎?
34. No, it is Mike's. 不,這是麥克的書。
35. Whose pen is this? 這是誰的鋼筆?
36. It's mine. 它是我的。
37. What's that? 那是什麼?
38. Is that a ruler? 那是一把尺子嗎?
39. No, it isn't. 不,不是。
40. It's a TV. 那是一台電視機。
41. Is this cup yours? 這個茶杯是你的嗎?
42. Yes, it is mine. 是的,是我的。
43. Where is the store? 商店在哪里?
44. It is over there. 它在那邊。
45. Is this picture his? 這張圖片是他的嗎?
Identifying objects 辨別物品
46. What are these? 這些是什麼?
47. These are horses. 這些是馬。
48. Where are the sheep? 綿羊在哪里?
49. There they are. 它們在那裏。
50. These are her books. 這些是她的書。
51. Where are your trousers? 你的褲子在哪里?
52. They are here. 它們在這裏。
53. Are they Jack's cakes? 那些是傑克的蛋糕嗎?
54. No, they aren't. 不,不是。
55. Those are yours. 那些是你的。
56. Those are your pens, aren't they? 那些鋼筆是你的,對嗎?
57. Yes, they are. 是的。
58. They are not his. 它們不是他的。
59. These are ours, and those are theirs. 這些是我們的,那些是他們的。
60. Those aren't your shoes, are they? 那雙鞋不是你的,對嗎?
Identifying people by occupation 辨別身份
61. Who are you? 你是誰?
62. I am a pupil. 我是一個小學生。
63. Who is that over there? 那邊的那個人是誰?
64. He is a student. 他是個學生。
65. Is that boy a student, too? 那個男孩也是個學生嗎?
66. No, he is not. 不,他不是。
67. Those girls aren't students, either. 那些女孩子也不是學生。
68. Is she your teacher? 她是你的老師嗎?
69. Yes, she is. 是,她是。
70. That woman is a doctor, isn't she? 那個女的是醫生,對嗎?
71. No, she isn't. 不,她不是。
72. Who are those people? 那些人是誰?
73. Maybe they are drivers. 他們可能是司機。
74. Aren't they workers? 他們不是工人嗎?
75. Sorry, I don't know. 對不起,我不知道。
Introductions and courtesies 介紹和禮節
76. What's your name, please? 你叫什麼名字?
77. My name is Bush. 我姓布希。
78. Your first name, please? 你的名字是什麼呢?
79. My first name is Peter. 我的名字叫彼特。
80. How do you spell your last name? 你的姓怎麼拼法?
81. Bush. B-U-S-H. 布希,B-U-S-H.
82. What's your sister's name? 你姐姐叫什麼名字?
83. Her name is Lily. 她叫莉莉。
84. Lily and Lucy are good friends. 莉莉和露西是好朋友。
85. Is he Lucy's little brother? 他是露西的小弟弟嗎?
86. Yes, he is. 是,他是。
87. This is Mrs. White. 這是懷特太太。
88. Mrs. White, this is Mr. Bush. 懷特太太,這是布希先生。
89. Nice to see you. 見到您很高興。
90. Nice to see you, too. 我也很高興見到您。
Days and months of the calendar 年曆的周日和月份
91. What day is today? 今天星期幾?
92. Today is Sunday. 今天是星期天。
93. What day was yesterday? 昨天是星期幾?
94. Yesterday was Saturday. 昨天是星期六。
95. What day is tomorrow? 明天是星期幾?
96. What month is this? 現在是幾月份?
97. This is November. 現在是十一月。
98. Last month was October, wasn't it? 上個月是十月,對嗎?
99. Yes, it was. 是的。
100. What month is next month? 下個月是幾月份?
101. He was in the library for several hours. 他在圖書館裏待了幾個小時。
102. Where were you on Sunday afternoon? 你星期天下午在哪里?
103. Miss Green was in Beijing in May, wasn't she? 格林小姐五月份在北京,是嗎?
104. Yes, she was. 是的,她是。
105. Tom wasn't here a month ago, was he? 湯姆一個月前不在這兒,對嗎?

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